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Full Body Massage and Luxury Facial Massage

This treatment is an advanced version of the aromatherapy body massage, which is complemented by a luxurious facial massage. As I am also a Beauty Therapist, this is a professional facial massage that crowns the full body massage. I custom-make the cream with the appropriate ingredients for this holistic, aromatherapy facial massage, taking the guest’s physical and mental state into consideration as well as their age, mood, and skin condition. I use a clean base gel, aroma waters, cold-pressed plant carrier oils, bud extracts, and essential oils in the proper dosage to achieve more beautiful skin (cleansing and peeling are included in this treatment). The length of this treatment allows the complete dissolution of stress and total beautification!

Facial Cleanse

Our exclusive 120-minute facial treatment, designed to rejuvenate and enhance your skin's tone with expertly applied massages, deep cleansing, and the healing essence of seasonal essential oils and aromatic waters. Tailored to deliver unparalleled nourishment, this treatment combines moisture, minerals, soothing agents, and anti-wrinkle ingredients to revitalize your complexion.
Our signature facial caters to those who value natural beauty and holistic wellness, utilizing non-invasive techniques complemented by a gentle steam process for optimal cleansing. This step prepares the skin for the indulgent, transformative aspects of the treatment, ensuring a luxurious experience of pure bliss.
Ideal for discerning individuals seeking exceptional skincare, this treatment is a testament to luxury, offering a comprehensive approach to achieving a flawless, youthful complexion. Embrace this elite pampering experience for visible, transformative results and a serene retreat from daily life.

Angel’s Harmony Energy Treatment

Our serene energy treatment is a sublime journey of rejuvenation that engages the front of the body through delicate touches, including a bird's feather and a light, non-intrusive oil massage. Set against a backdrop of soft music, this treatment invites you into a deep meditative state, enhancing your journey towards inner tranquillity. During this session, silence prevails to deepen your immersion, and you are encouraged to keep your eyes closed, mirroring the introspective state of meditation.
This unique therapy draws inspiration from the Divine Trinity, yet it welcomes all, irrespective of personal beliefs. My own faith and love are the conduits through which this treatment unfolds, aiming to facilitate a profound transformation within. It's designed to instil inner peace, release spiritual blockages, and provide resilience against life's challenges or traumas. Offering a fresh perspective empowers you to rise, advance with renewed vigor, and, through subsequent sessions, reshape any beliefs or forces that perpetuate negative emotions.
Our treatment is a sanctuary for emotional liberation, led by the energy of divine love and conducted in an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance. It offers a temporary shield against adverse energies and realigns your inner self, promoting an enduring sense of well-being. Embrace this powerful healing experience for a harmonious mind, body, and spirit balance.